How can reading improve your English?

Reading English books can help you with many skills. That is a fact. Although we have heard it many times, we are not sure how it can help.

In this post, you will find some ways in which reading can help improve your English. Plus, if you click on the link, you will also find some rules on how to get the most of your reading:

1- Reading improves grammar and punctuation

You will naturally learn some complicated grammar rules such as prepositions or phrasal verbs more easily. Moreover, you will be exposed to punctuation rules, which will help you later on with your writings.

2-Reading improves vocabulary

Any kind of reading will improve your vocabulary. Depending on the book, you will be exposed to slang vocabulary and spoken English expressions. If there is a word that is repeated and you don’t understand the meaning, look it up; however, try to guess the meaning first.

3-Reading out loud improves your spoken fluency

You will check your clarity, your pronunciation, intonation and pace of your speech.

4-Reading improves writing skills

As we said before, learning new grammar and vocabulary will help you a lot. Moreover, you will learn how to expose your ideas, how to divide paragraphs, different styles, etc.

5-Reading improves your knowledge, makes you smarter

Not only in English, but in any language. Make yourself smarter by reading about different topics of your interest. You will be more prepared to expose your ideas in public.